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The 475th prides itself on having fast, reliable and fun servers with great shot registry.

We DO NOT tolerate the use of anyone using cheats/hacks or scripts that provide an unfair advantage over any other player!

Anyone caught using a cheat/hack or illegal script will be banned permanently from our servers!!  


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Not Knowing Our Server Rules is Not an Excuse, breaking our server rules will get you banned from all of our servers. We run ENGLISH speaking servers.

1) FRIENDLY FIRE is on. Team kills/wounds and spawn killing is not allowed.

2) NO racist, sexual, drug related, religious, criminal, political or inappropriate names that could cause offence.

3) RESPECT all players, profanity or inappropriate language is not allowed on our servers

4) Mic Spamming is not permitted. STOP using your mic if other players ask you to stop.

5) NO hacking, cheating or exploiting is allowed. Do not accuse other players, record a demo.

6) Camping is ALLOWED on our server, please do not complain when people camp.

7) AFK players will be kicked, disconnect or join spectate if you must leave your computer.

8. Do not bypass any active bans you have on any account, you will be caught and permanently banned.

Do not question or dispute an admin / MP's decision in-game if you have any issues report these to

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